Major Projects

  • Angola
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Algeria
  • Argentina
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Egypt
  • Spain
  • France
  • Guatemala
  • Honduras
  • Hungary
  • Italy
  • Kuwait
  • Morocco
  • Mozambique
  • Peru
  • United Kingdom
  • Romania
  • Turkey
  • Venezuela

In MEFER-TACE we believe that our most successful projects introduce us best. We would like to dedicate this section to all those companies and individuals who have trusted us throughout our career.

Earning your trust, our goal

The high speed line Antequera-Granada forms the transversal axis of Andalucía.

It is an infrastructure which will permit the direct conexion with a high speed railway between Granada to Málaga, Córdoba, Sevilla, Madrid and other Spanish cities. It will save journey times in a highly significant way.

Furthermore, it will not only conect Granada with the rest of Spanish communities, but also contribute, greatly, to potentiate and improve the Andalucía´s internal communitacions.

The High Speed Line runs along Málaga and Granada, with a stimated length of 126 kilometers.

The participation of Mefer-Tace in the current projects of High Speed Lines in Spain emphasizes the consolidation as a reference company in this sector.

Catenary cabinets, Swich Transfer Remote control Cabinets, 750v Protection Cabinets, Network Swich Transfer Cabinets, AA.SS. Cabinets and Railway Cabinets along with different electrical material shape the scope of product supply.

la meca

Saudi Arabia, through the SRO, has iniciated the construction of a High Speed Railways, from La Mecca to Medina City (it is called Haramain High Speed Rail or HHR) with public funding.

The project has been considered a priority and urgent neccesity to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, because thanks to its 450 kilometers of electrical doble truck, will provide service to pilgrims who realize their journey from The Mecca to Medina, which is increasingly every year, as well as the visitors and residents of these cities.

Haramain: the AVE train for pilgrims

The Hispanno-Saudi Consortium Al Shoula Group forms the new High speed railway corridor which will cross coastal and desert areas in Saudi Arabia between The Mecca and Medina.

The choise of Mefer-Tace Group has been a safe bet, due to it is one of the most experienced in the manufacture of electrical cabinets for railways infrastuctures, with standar Spanish wide as weel as high speed.

el cairo

Thales Spain company will be the responsable of the renewal of the signaling and telecomunication systems, through the replacement of the current railway interlocks by others electrical ones.

They will also install centralized traffic control systems, comunications and power supply, in addition to automatic level crossings and needless engines in this railway line, which is 208 km length and it is one of the most important in this country due to it unites the two main cities.
With these changes, the trains´velocity will increase in 20 km/hour approximately, and the frequency of use will be improve, because of intervals between trains will be decrease in 5-10 minutes. This line entered into operation in 1851, and was the first railway in Middle East and Africa.

Nowadays, it transports more than 25 million of people every year and the renewal is part of the railways infrastructure transformation plan promoted by Ministry of Transport.

This line entered into operation in 1851, and was the first railway in Middle East and Africa.

Our group, once again, participates in a huge railway international Project.

MEFER-TACE has provided distribution cabinets, electrical batteries cabinets, local systems cabinets, engines cabinets and several electrical material, between others.


Last 8 November 2012, the “First Stone” ceremony took placed in the treatment water place of Bello, a plant with 5 cubic metres per second of processing capacity which constitutes the key project in the water sanitation and Medellin River recovery program while it flows through the colombian city with the same name and its area of influence.

Image property of Acciona Agua
Bello Plant will be one of the most modern in its kind into Latin America

Bello plant will process more than 75% of the Aburra valley sewage, and it will permit increase in the 95% the percentage of treated sewage discharged into Medellin river.

We are manufactured 16 COP’s control cabinet, under the ABB demands and the colombian standars. The interconnection between them will control all the necessary processes to the proper functioning of the Sewage Treatment Plant of Bello: pumping, blowing, thickening, dehydration, co-generation, etc.



Located in Santa Rosa, near the village of Chiquimulilla (Guatemala), the Photovoltaic Solar Plant is divided in two phases: Horus I, placed in a 175 Ha parcel and having a 58.310.800 Wp maximum power, and Horus II, placed in a 250 Ha parcel and a 35.040.200 Wp maximun power. The project aims to increase about 25-30% the use of solar power in the country and will provide power to 15.000 homes, reducing the monthly consumption costs in families which use it 100Kv per month roughly.


The project aims to increase about 25-30% the use of solar power in the country and will provide power to 15.000 homes

The engagement of MEFER-TACE by ORTIZ GROUP to the manufacture of Auxiliary Services cabinets of the Transformation Centers and the string boxes (395 for Horus I and 210 for Horus II) demostrates the robutness and confidence generated by our group into the photovoltaic sector.

Propiedad de ABB

In the aspiring project of the development and implementation of renewable energy in South Africa, MEFER-TACER has made the Electrical Cabinet of Auxiliary Services, the Transformation Centers, Protection’s Relay Cabinet, Energy Meters, String Boxes to Witkop, Soutpan, Prieska and Aar Parks.


Image property of ABB
The Power Stations will produce enough clean energy to power about 36,000 homes in South Africa

The two main power stations, placed in Witkop and Soutpan Solar Parks, will be located close to Polkwane City, Limpopo’s capital. They will have capacity for 33 and 31 megawatts, respectively, and will be between the first photovoltaic power plants, as energy companies, which will be made in the first phase of the South African Government’s plan of the development of a renewable energy. This plan aims to reduce the electrical generation impact on the environment and diversify the country’s energy sources. Thanks to which independent producers will take advantage of high levels of the country’s renewable energy resources.

Energy generated by these stations will generate 130 gigawatt hours per year, enough clean energy to power the high-voltage transmission grid thanks to a new high-voltage substation, and also 36,000 South African homes. More so, it will prevent the emission of 130,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.


ABB multinational has trusted in MEFER-TACE for the production of the electrical cabinet of Auxiliary Services in GIS substations buildings, transform ventilation control boxes and connection boxes 20 kilovolts of the remodeling of the electrical system Transformer Factory in Cordoba.


Image property of ABB
Since 1985 ABB has designed and produced more than 160 power transformers in its factory in Córdoba.

The Córdoba factory history began in the early 30’s as part of the industrial history in Andalucía and nowadays it is catalogued at a high technological level. ABB in Córdoba has 450 employees, including factory workers and highly qualified technicians.

Moreover, since 1985 ABB designed and produced more than 160 power transformers from its factory in Córdoba for the high-voltage network in Spain. The company has carried out innovation and development projects, like the latest generation mobile transformers of emergency situations, or phase-shifting transformers which allow the optimization of electricity transmission networks.


The aim of the entire project is to build the high-speed railway for passengers between the two most important cities in the country, Istanbul and Ankara.

In this way, going from the current 576 km to 533 km, the aim is to reduce travel time between the two cities from 7 to 3 hours, relieve traffic congestion on the Ankara-Eskisehir motorway and minimize the impact of air pollution.

The aim of the entire project is to build the high-speed railway for passengers between the two most important cities in the country, Istanbul and Ankara.

MEFER-TACE is currently working on the development of the TCDD project ( Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Devlet Demiryollari ) in Turkey. It consists in developing the signalling systems and ETCS Level 1 train protection systems, for Phase IV of the Ankara – Istanbul HSR, as well as in updating of the switchboards for Phase II.

Likewise, with the same level of participation, since 2009, with the first stretch between Ankara and Eskisehir we have been supplying and engineering electrical panel boards for the implementation of the centralized Traffic Control system (CTC), electronic signalling, track equipment, motor protection for detours, Technical Buildings, auxiliary services etc.

The High Speed Line is divided into the following stretches:

  • Ankara – Sincan (24km)
  • Sincan – Esenkent (15km)
  • Esenkent – Eskişehir (206km)
  • Eskişehir – İnönü (30km)
  • İnönü – Köseköy (158 km)
  • Köseköy – Gebze (56 km)
  • Gebze – Estambul (44 km)


In barely six years (2005-2011) Spain has become a world leader in high-speed rail.

In this time, our country has multiplied by more than 5 the number of in-service high-
speed kilometres, going from slightly over 550 km to almost 2,900 km. The number of cities benefiting from this fast, safe and efficient mode of transport has also grown from 7 to 27.

In barely 6 years, our country has multiplied by more than 5 the number of in-service high-speed kilometres, going from slightly over 550 km to almost 2,900 km.

MEFER-TACE has participated in ALL these projects by providing diverse electrical materials and manufacturing, among others, the electrical panel boards for the European Train Control systems (ETCS), Centralized Traffic Control (CTC), technical buildings, trackside cabinets, CCTV systems, tunnel booths, etc.

  • November 2005
    Madrid – Toledo HSR
  • December 2006
    Lleida – Camp de Tarragona stretch (Madrid – Barcelona – French Border HSR)
  • December 2006
    Córdoba – Antequera stretch (Cordoba – Malaga HSR)
  • December 2007
    Madrid – Valladolid HSR
  • December 2007
    Antequera – Malaga stretch (Cordoba – Malaga HSR)
  • February 2008
    Camp de Tarragona – Barcelona stretch (Madrid – Barcelona – French Border HSR)
  • December 2010
    Figueres – Pertús Tunnel and Mollet junction – Girona stretch (Madrid – Barcelona – French Border HSR)
  • December 2010
    Madrid – Basin – Albacete – Valencia stretch (Madrid – Castilla La Mancha – Valencian Community – Murcia Region HSR)
  • December 2011
    Ourense – Santiago – A Coruña stretch (Madrid – Galicia HVL and Atlantic Axis HSR)
  • December 2012
    Albacete – Alicante stretch (Madrid – Castilla La Mancha – Valencian Community – Murcia Region HSR)


By supplying diverse electrical materials and manufacturing electrical panel boards for ENE (Empresa Nacional de Electricidade – National Electricity Company), MEFER-TACE has collaborated to a very high degree in different electrification and energy supply projects in Angola’s main cities.

MEFER-TACE has collaborated to a very high degree in different electrification and energy supply projects in Angola's main cities.
  • Construction of a 70MW generation plant in Cabinda
  • Open-loop floating power station with two 100MW gas turbines in Luanda (currently under development)
  • Supply line for the Cabinda stadium to ensure energy supply during the celebration of the African Nations Cup
  • Rural electrification in Malange, Kwanza Sul and Cabinda – Landana
  • Energy transmission lines Sumbe – Porto Amboin
  • 70MW power station in Futila with 2 gas turbines, of 35MW each
  • Construction of a new control building for the substation in Cabinda


This is Peru’s most ambitious photovoltaic energy project. It takes place in Arequipa and Tacna and consists of four 20 MW photovoltaic power plants: the Majes Solar and Repartición Solar plants in Arequipa, and the Tacna Solar and Panamericana Solar plants. More than US$ 155 million have been invested in total.

According to the contract signed with the Peruvian government, the plants will produce 173 GW/h per year during 20 years, which will be added to the more than 35 GWh that Peru already produces.

Since 2007, our company has supplied enclosures and electrical equipment to generate more than 500 Mw.

This project, completed by MEFER-TACE in July 2012, is considered a benchmark within the global renewable energy sector.

The scope of this investment has allowed our group to supply more than 2,000 electrical panel boards, 30,000 meters of piping, earthing materials and 50,000 meters of special and power cables.


Other solar energy projects

MEFER-TACE entered the photovoltaic sector in 2007, when manufacturing 209 string boxes for a PVP in Úbeda, Jaén (Spain)

Since then, our company has supplied enclosures and electrical equipment to generate more than 500MW:

  • Year 2008: 111 MW in Spain, highlighting the PVP of Arnedo (La Rioja, Spain) with a generation capacity of 31 Mw.
  • Year 2009: 32 MW installed, highlighting the Fuente Álamo Farm (Murcia, Spain) with 26 MW and covers, and parking areas for the Autonomous University of Madrid.
  • Year 2010: 179 MW installed in Spain and Italy, highlighting the Rovigo project (Italy) with a 72 MW putput.
  • Year 2011: 75 MW divided between Spain, United Kingdom and Italy.
  • Year 2012: 115 MW installed between Peru (80 MW) and Romania (35 MW)


A consortium of major Spanish companies (Metro System Consortium) led the project for the refurbishment and modernization of the number 1 metro line of Caracas, with a total cost of US$ 1,860 million. The contract includes manufacturing and commissioning 48 metro units, with a total of 356 wagons, supplying the electrification systems for unit traction and train control, line electrification, modernization of the railway track, workshops, control centres and station distribution centres.

Consorcio Sistema Metro led the project for the refurbishment and modernization of the number 1 metro line of Caracas, with a total cost of US$ 1,860 million

To undertake this project, the consortium has placed its trust in our company to manufacture and supply the electrical panel boards for:

  • SPP Propatria Substation
  • SPS Plaza Sucre
  • SAS Agua Salud Substation
  • Capitolio Substation
  • La Hoyada Substation
  • SPC Parque Carabobo Substation
  • SPV Plaza Venezuela Substation
  • SCO Chacaito
  • SCH Chacao Cabinet
  • Dos Caminos
  • SLC Los Cortijos Substation
  • SCF La California Substation
  • SPE Petare Substation
  • SPL Palo Verde Substation
  • SSR Santa Rosa Substation 
  • SPD Parque Este Substation 
  • Patio


MEFER-TACE had a special participation in the large deployment of telecommunications that took place in Spain as of 1994.

Major operators such as Telefonica, ONO, Airtel (currently Vodafone), Amena (currently Orange) and Jazztel, etc. were the architects of this great deployment at a national level. For all of them, our group has to date supplied different types of electrical equipment, including specific electrical panel boards.

MEFER had a special participation in the large telecommunications deployment that took place in Spain as of 1994

We would like to especially mention the following projects:

  • Deployment of the ONO optic-fibre network: This is one of the most representative and important projects for our company, due to its large business volume and its significance within our sector. We intervened in all of the project’s phases, highlighting our participation in engineering design and in the official approval of the exclusive power modules for the access nodes and CPO (NT modules, NS modules, NW and NP panels, monitoring cabinets, etc.)
  • Deployment of the mobile telephone network for Telefonica Moviles Spain:  Together with the above, this is one of the projects which enabled us to grow considerably and laid our group’s current foundations. As of today, this line of business remains open.During the project’s development phases, MEFER-TACE supplied electrical panel boards for rural and urban base stations (EB5, EB7, EB10, CI-3/T, ZEBU-2/M, CME-AR-2/T, etc.) and all the electrical equipment necessary for the EB5, EB7 and EB10 type cabinets (Cable trays, lighting, detection, wiring, etc.). For this, we provisionally opened a TACE branch in Valladolid, where the electrical installation of the cabinets and electrical panel boards was carried out.
  • Broadband enlargement project for the Principality of Asturias (Spain).
  • Broadband enlargement project for rural areas in Aragón (Spain).
  • Enlargement of Jazztel’s telecommunications networks.
  • National deployment of mobile phone sites for Vodafone Spain.


MEFER-TACE concluded its renewable energy projects in 2012 with the construction of 4 photovoltaic farms in Romania.

These farms are located in the towns of Sebis (2 8.5 Mw installations), Cluj (6 MW), and Pantazi (6.5 MW).

The main problem was the need to meet a very tight deadline.We manufactured 600 enclosures in 2 weeks

The client’s main problem when undertaking this project, resided in the need to meet a very tight deadline, and taking into account that the complicated local meteorological situation made the supply even more difficult, our production department had to use all their resources and employ 25 people in order to manufacture 600 enclosures in 2 weeks.


One of MEFER-TACE’s areas of operation is with electric companies.

To date, companies such as Red Eléctrica de España, Endesa and Iberdrola have entrusted their needs to our group, and our current business volume in specific panel boards for this industry, is growing about 24%

Companies such as Red Eléctrica de España, Iberdrola y Endesa have entrusted their needs to our group

Some of the relevant projects are:

  • 1,200 MW combined-cycle plant in Koudiet (Algeria) for Iberdrola
  • Rectifying equipment for the diesel plants in Ceuta and Melilla (Spain) for Endesa Generación
  • ABB motor factory in Cordoba (Spain)

As a result of our effort and our clients’ support, the number of projects in which we have participated is almost innumerable. We describe below some of the significant projects during our career:

Regardless of their magnitude, we face our clients' challenges with decisiveness.


  • Adaptation of the signalling panel boards for the conventional-width railway.
  • En-route and station track signalling and lighting systems for the tramway in Orán (Algeria).
  • Supply of cable channelling systems for the Carabobo prison (Venezuela).
  • Deployment of mobile telecommunications in Morocco.
  • General Electric Power Panels for Telefónica’s Sevilla-Oriente Headquarters (Spain).
  • A.C. and D C. panel boards for the thermosolar power station in Rio Turbio and Loma-La Lata (Argentina).
  • A.C. and D C. panel boards for the thermosolar power station in Manchasol (Argentina).
  • Electrical panel boards to protect the video-recording systems in the Madrid-Barajas airport (Spain).
  • Supply of the electrical apparatus needed to manufacture the panel boards for 4 tug boats (Panama) and 6 tuna boats (Mexico).

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